Monday, 12 May 2008

some thoughts from our prayer day

On Saturday we spent the day praying together for our community and neighbourhood. A number of things came up which may help guide you in your prayers for East End Park.

There was a sense that God is wanting to establish something that is consistent and continuous which builds towards a better future for East End Park. Our neighbourhood is all too used to projects and programmes breezing in and breezing out. God's love and grace are obviously eternal and we're praying that his work will be something that East End Park is known for.

We need God to increase our faith to pray 'bold' prayers for ourselves and our neighbourhood. For instance, we regularly pray that we would not retaliate when things happen to us in life. We are praying that this will be the natural standpoint for people in EEP - an area where retaliation is the norm.

We prayed that God would help us to love people. Even those who are not necessarily doing things the way we'd like to see them being done.

There were a number of observations that we made as we prayer walked for the afternoon. Grafitti seems to be on the increase; there's quite a lot of video and audio tape draped around the estate; and the sun really brings people out on to the streets.

Undoubtedly fifty days of prayer is helping us as a community. We are so encouraged by the support that so many people are giving us around the world. Please continue to pray for us. We've decided to commit to meditating upon a different prayer for each day of the week. Some of these have been written by us, others have been borrowed. Over the coming days we'll be posting some of these so that they may act as an inspiration for your prayer.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Prayer Day

Today we are having a day together as a community to pray for East End Park. We try to do a day a month for prayer, reflection and discussion to engage with God and each other as to what is happening in our community and neighbourhood. We'll be posting again soon any thoughts, words or pictures that we have received. If you have anything to add then please email us here.