Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Week 2: Sunday 4th - Saturday 10th May

We're so grateful to everybody who's prayed this first week - thank you. Here's the timetable for our second week. If you'd like to sign up then either place a comment below or click here and send an email outlining when you'd like to pray.

Sunday: 7am Paul M, 11am Ben, 3pm Bill H,
Monday: 7am Paul M, 8am Bram, 3pm Bill H, 4pm Hannah, 8pm Karen G
Tuesday: 7am Paul M, 8am Bram, 9.30am Valerie, 2pm Esther, 3pm Bill H, 10am Andrew B
Wednesday: 7am Paul M, 8am Bram, 11am Mags, 3pm Bill H, 6.30pm Isaac, Macy and Erin
Thursday: 7am Paul M, 7.30am Dave and Dot, 3pm Bill H, 4-6pm Vicky, 8pm Karl
Friday: 7am Paul M, 8-9am Vicky, 8.30am Alison and Ian, 9am Andrew G, 11am Tim J, 3pm Bill H,
Saturday: 7am Paul M, Andrew G, 8.30am Alison and Ian, 3pm Bill H,

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