Sunday, 20 April 2008

Week 1: Sunday 27th April to Saturday 2nd May

The following times are when community members are praying. If you want to pray at all during this during 'fifty days of prayer' then please add a comment below. Add your name and when you would like to pray. There are topics to pray for in the left column.

Sunday: 8am Margaret Y, 10am Deborah P, 8pm Catherine, 10pm Andrew G, 10.30pm Stephen P
Monday: 6am Wendy, 11am Jo U, 4pm Hannah, 10.30pm Stephen P
Tuesday: 6am Wendy, 9am Tim S, 2pm Esther, 5pm Isaac, Macy & Erin, 6.30pm Mandy W, 10.30pm Stephen P
Wednesday: 6am Wendy, 11am Mags, 1pm Pete P, 3pm Bill H, 9 Church in the Home, 10.30pm Stephen P
Thursday: 6am Wendy, Ruthie S, 11am Cliff College, 3pm Bill H, 7.30pm David & Dot, 8pm Karl & Hope Asha, 10.30pm Stephen P
Friday: 6am Wendy, 8.30am Ben, 10.30am Valerie, 3pm Bill H, 10.30pm Stephen P
Saturday: 8am Tom, 2pm Andrew B, 3pm Bill H, 10.30pm Stephen P


Mandy said...

Go Guys

Will pray for the youth of your community on Tuesday 29th April between 6.30 -7.30pm

Nick Coke said...

We will pray on Thursday 1 May 8-9:30pm.

hope:asha - salvation army in stepney (

Tim said...

29th 9-10am
love Tim S

Deborah said...

The Poxon family will be praying for you on Sunday morning @ 10am.

Tom Underwood said...

8am on Saturday.

theboyjones said...

East Side. I'll pray for EEP in the 24-7 Prayer Room on Friday 9 May at 11am.

Matt Clifton said...

Great stuff

12 May 1-2pm

Ruthie said...

Ruth Stannett

I will be praying for your community on 1st May between 7 - 8 am, here in Prague - so 6 - 7 am your time

God bless you